Weber Genesis E-310 Review

weber genesis e-310 review

​Size: The Weber Genesis E-310 is a moderately big grill from Weber that has a generous cooking area. Its overall size measures 30 inches long by 60 inches wide by 64-1/2 inches high, with 30 inches depth and weighing 179 pounds. The cooking area measures 637-square-inch space all in all but the primary cooking area measures 507 square inches.

​Color: This gas grill from Weber is also available in colors such as black, stainless steel, copper as well as green so something is always made to suit the likes of your patio or kitchen.

​Built-in tools: This gas grill from Weber has a built-in thermometer located on the shroud. It also has a built-in flavorizer bar located on the cooking area that is angled well. There are also built-in tool hooks on the sides under the side tables as well as an enclosed cart under the cooking area. This gas grill also comes with a built-in fuel gauge and sturdy swivel wheel with locks. It also has heat deflectors within the gas grill as well the control panel is elegantly designed and located on the front.

What it does not include: This gas grill does not include the LP tank and users may need to buy this tank separately. It also does not include a rotisserie, which is mostly included in other gas grills in the market.

The looks: This Weber gas grill looks well-designed because the materials used in some part of this gas grill are attractive such as the stainless steel used in the burners of this gas grill. Other materials used to whip up this gas grill are porcelain and cast iron which are used on cooking grates. Its overall good looks are owing to its stainless steel covering from the shroud down to the cart doors.

​What users love about the Weber Genesis E-310 ​

Users love the excellent performance that this gas grill performs especially when it comes to even cooking and perfect grilling. It heats fast which is why it cooks fast as well. Users also love the fact that it is incorporated with all the features they need in a gas grill that are not found in cheaper models and other expensive models. The features that are contained in this gas grill are enough to experience the best grilling ever.

Aside from the performance and the feature, clean up is never a hassle for users because of the grease management system. When it comes to grilling, it goes hand in hand with messing but not with this gas grill. Users love the fact that they no longer have to make a mess just to be able to whip up a perfect steak. This gas grill is also easy to maintain because the grease management system ensures that the grease does not produce rust in the grill’s interior by catching it with the grease tray and catch pan and be disposed of instantly.

Even with its high cost, users are still able to save a lot of bucks because it is energy-efficient and does not consume too much fuel. If this is a car, it is not a gas guzzler thereby it is very economical. It is very convenient for the budget. Aside from budget convenience, it is also literally convenient because of its innovative features. Users love the fact that it comes with all the built-in extras like fuel gauge, thermometer, tool hooks, etc. because these features make grilling convenient.

Most of all, it is not difficult to fall in love with this gas grill because of the grilling results you are going to get. The steak will not only come out good-looking but tasty as well as healthy since you are reducing the chances of carcinogens to enter your body unlike when you use charcoal grills.

What users don’t like about the Weber Genesis E-310 ​

​The primary thing that discourages users about this gas grill is the price. It is very expensive than most gas grills out there. The price is way too high that most people believe it is overpriced. Plus, setting it up is an inconvenience. It takes too long to be able to set up this gas grill, so beginners are likely to get frustrated easily with it.

​Another discouraging thing about this gas grill is the tank sizes. Before you realize that not all tank sizes fit the fuel gauge, you’d have already bought an LP tank or you have already spent money for the tank. This is quite frustrating since you won’t be able to use the fuel gauge with the wrong tank size.

​Its Appearance

Weber Genesis E-310

While the overall appearance of this gas grill is made of stainless steel, users also complain about the hood by being made of only a single layer. While they do not doubt the quality of Weber gas grills, they cannot help but think a single layer hood is durable enough especially with frequent usage. And most of all, users also dislike the fact that the working tables are not that spacious. Yes they may be convenient and helps when doing slicing tasks, etc. while grilling, but the space is very limited that it could even be a safety hazard as you could get your hands burned by the grill next to it.


Overall, when it comes to grilling performance or the results of grilling with this gas grill, there is no problem with the Weber Genesis E-310 It performs way better than other gas grills. It cooks evenly and heats faster. But when it comes to price and other minor drawbacks, this gas grill may not be worth its price. Even if it may be normal for such a magnificent equipment to be priced high, it is still not worthy enough considering its minor flaws.

But of course, if you are a person who values performance and quality grilling more than the minor flaws this gas grill has and the high price, this is already a perfect grilling buddy for you.