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Gas Grill BTU – How Much Of It Is Enough?

Gas Grill BTU can be a very confusing thing especially when manufacturers boast of big fat gigantic BTUs but in actual fact, the cooking time still takes longer than expected. It can be really disappointing as a customer to spend few hundred dollars on a nice piece of gas grill only to find that they […]

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How To Use A Gas Grill – Learn All the Basic Tricks Here!

Before you start using your gas grill, you need to ensure that your gas grill is ready to be used. I know your temptation to start grilling without doing some pretty essential stuff can get over you. Quick Navigation Things You Need​Light Up The GrillLearning How To GrillDirect MethodTo Grill Using the Direct MethodIndirect MethodTo […]

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Do You Know Your Gas Grill Cooking Grates?

Having a gas grill without quality grates will definitely have an impact on the quality of your food. We hear a lot about porcelain-enameled cooking grates, stainless steel grates and so forth but how do we know which one is best? Is there a material that can withstand high temperatures for long periods of time?A […]

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Gas Grill Guide – All You Need to Know About Gas Grills

Before you continue reading this, I do suggest reading something about our gas grill buying guide as this article is an article which is actually a continuation of it. Here in this article we are going to talk about a few more things mainly to do with:BurnersStarter/IgniterTemperatureBurnersWhen you buy a gas grill, you will notice that […]

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The Difference Between The 3 Types of Weber Gas Grills

Weber gas grills are widely known the world over for their quality gas grills and their large range of grills to choose from. Unfortunately, there are just too many different gas grills. This article specifically covers large Weber gas grills and not their portable ones.​ For those who don’t know too much about their grills, it […]

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