Best Gas Grills: The Definitive Guide (Updated 2020)

Best Gas Grills 2019

Are you looking for the best gas grill within your budget? If so, then you're in the right place.

We know there are a lot of gas grills out there with various prices. It's very confusing to choose the right one within your budget.

So we decided to write this ​article to help you ​in this process and choose ​the best gas grill that suits you best.

There are 4 groups. Each group is for a specific budget and has 3 gas grills ranked ​based on various criteria.

Group 1: ​Best Gas Grills Under $200

Group 2: ​Best Gas Grills Under $300

Group 3: ​Best Gas Grills Under $500

Group 4: ​Best Gas Grills Under $1000

Let's dive into the guide.

​Best Gas Grills Under $200

If you are really tight on budget, this grill is for you.

This is the most inexpensive gas grill that Char-Broil produced. Don't let that fact deceive you. It's a grill that is worth buying if you're looking for something within the $200 budget.

Char-Broil is a well-known company in the grill industry. Has been making grills and burners since 1948. So they're definitely established and know what they're doing.

This 3-burner gas grill is simple, lightweight and stylish.

It features built-in stainless steel, porcelain-coated grates and burners so that means it doesn't take a lot of time to be cleaned. This is very important.

If you are a beginner and don't want to buy an expensive grill right away, this grill is for you. It's very easy to use and work greatly with small-sized meats and also hamburgers and hot dogs if you want to host a party.

Although not designed to be portable, because it's very light, you can easily lift it up and put it on your truck to go anywhere you want.

But everything in the world has upsides and downsides, the main downside about this grill that its edges have no barriers.

The grill's parts are packaged in a way to install it quickly. In approximately 15 mins, your grill would be ready to cook on.

Key features:

  • Primary Cooking Area: 360 in². So you can cook around 14 burgers on it.
  • Swing-away warming rack area: 170 in².
  • Porcelain-coated steel grates. So it's durable and easy to clean.
  • Stainless Steel Inline Burners.
  • Piezo Ignition.
  • Two 6-inches wheels for mobility.
  • Metal side shelves measure 12-inches w x 13-inches.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Easy to clean & install.
    Big cooking space.
  • ​Heats up quickly.


  • Low-quality ​wheels.

This grill is made by Char-Griller, which is known for making quality and long-lasting grills.

This grill is well built and looks nice to the point you would think it's an expensive grill, but it's just within the $200 budget.

The performance of this grill is outstanding. It offers a decent grilling space total of 630 square inches. 438 square inches of primary cooking space and 192 of warming rack area where you can keep your grilled food warm.

The Char-Griller 3001 is made to last for years. It's durable and you can count on it for a family gathering or small parties.

One of the main upsides of this grill is its heat distribution. The grates are porcelain-coated cast iron, so it accurately distributes heat evenly throughout the cooking area.

The grill also contains a side shelf to put cooking materials besides you like tools and sauces or to prep food.

The grill is made of powder-coated steel, which explains why it can last for years as mentioned. Although it's kind of a heavy grill, it's portable. It's attached with a pair of large wheels for mobility and once you find a suitable place for it, you can keep it from moving though the pair of legs attached to it as well.

Key features:

  • 40,800 BTU gas grill.
  • 438 square inches of main grilling area.
  • 192 square inch warming rack, 12,000 BTU side burner.
  • Durable steel construction; side shelf for handy workspace.
  • Electronic ignition; porcelain-coated cast-iron grates; utensil hooks.
  • Measures 48 x 28 x 48 inch.


  • Large grilling space.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Pre-heat quickly.
  • A side burner.


  • Not for big parties.
  • Its design may not please everyone.
  • Low-quality wheels.

Are you looking for a portable grill under $200? Then this is your choice.

The main upside of this grill is that it's easy to take anywhere you want, for various reasons, like camping or road trips.

The Q1200 (previously Q120, created by the prestigious company, Weber), gives you 189 square inches of cooking space. Yes not a very big space, but still provides a decent cooking space for you to grill for up to 5 people (for instance you can cook large steaks with no problem) and distributes heat evenly to cook delicious food.

It's not a light grill tho. It's a heavy one due to it being made of cast aluminum and a porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates but still, for most people, it can be controlled and placed anywhere.

It's also worth mentioning that this grill doesn't come with a cart. A cart would help you to cook in your backyard but still not a necessity purchase. A cart would cost you around $70.

Key features:

  • 8,500 BTUs of power.
  • 189 square-inch of total cooking area.
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and cast aluminum lid and body.
  • Easy-start electronic ignition.
  • Folding side tables.


  • ​Durability.
  • Thermometer.
  • Electronic ignition.
  • Stainless steel burner.
  • Adequate power.
  • Available in multiple colors.


  • Cooking space is not large to grill for big gatherings.
  • No cart included.

​​​​​Best Gas Grills Under $300

The best gas grill under $300 you can buy. Simple as that.

Although its price is close from breaking the $300 budget, it's worth the few more bucks you'll add to buy it.

This is not a classic looking grill like those with grates. And yeah you're not going to get the fabulous grill marks on your food, but its versatility will make it up for you. The flat top griddle allows you to cook and food you want. 

One of the things that makes this grill worth the money, is the grilling space it provides you. Its flat-top is 720 square inch. Which is a generous cooking space to grill big meals for the family or a medium-sized party.

It has a large bottom shelf than can be very helpful to put cooking materials like sauces and serving dishes, and small shelves on either side of the griddle, one of those two small shelves you can use as a cutting board with hooks beneath to hold a trash bag.

There's also a handy paper towel holder to use to wipe your hands or to oil the griddle.

The primary cooking space has a sturdy, thick, cold-rolled steel griddle cooking surface which is essential to cook any type of food and also to keep the surface properly heated. It's also easy to clean because the griddle is removable.

It has 4 burners, each burner you can control its temperature independently. 15,000 BTUs for each of the four burners giving you a total of 60,000 BTUs. It comes with a simple push-button ignition. The burners distribute heat evenly and can be set from low to high. This is very important because when you have full control of the heat, you can make a side incredibly hot and reduce the other to cook different types of food at the same time.

You'll not be disappointed if you decide to go for this gas grill. Its durability, mobility, and functionality are top-notch.

Key features:

  • Large cooking space, 720 square inch.
  • 60,000 BTUs.
  • 4 zone heating control.
  • Built-in grease catcher.
  • 4 heavy duty castors.
  • Electric ignition.
  • 2 cantilevered shelves.
  • Folding legs.
  • Removable griddle.


  • Ideal for cooking to a big group of people.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Flat cooking space. So no wasted food going through the grates.


  • Not a traditional grill especially if you are looking for grill marks.

One of the best grills from Dyna-Glo.

This grill offers 390 square inches of primary cooking space plus 117 square inches of warming rack area a total of 507 square inches of cooking space, which is a decent space to cook for a family or a small group of people.

It has 3 stainless steel burners that provide a total of 36000 BTUs, 12,000 BTUs per burner. It has an electro-pulse ignition for a quick start.

Heat distribution is an important factor to consider before you buy any grill, and this Dyna-Glo grill spreads heat evenly without any problem. 

Key features:

  • 36,000 BTU.
  • A total cooking space of 507 square inches.
  • porcelain enameled cast-iron cooking grates.
  • Easy push-button electronic pulse ignition system ensures quick start-up.
  • 3 Stainless steel commercial grade straight burners for performance and durability.
  • 3 Steel Heat tents protect the burners and flavor foods.
  • Double wall stainless steel lid assembly to retain heat includes temperature gauge; Side shelves with integrated towel bar and tool hooks.
  • 2 Heavy gauge porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates retain heat to sear foods and lock in foods natural juices.


Easy to clean.

Quality material.

Temperature gauge.

Collapsible side tables.

Ample prep & workspace.


  • Not a big cooking space if you want to cook for a large group of people.
  • Rusty.

If you are looking for a great portable grill under $300, then this is your choice.

The Q2200 (previously Q220), is a Weber grill, which is known for making the very best grills in the industry. Weber's grills are usually not cheap, so it's definitely great news to see them produce one for less than $300. But also powerful and overall a solid product.

The Weber Q2200 grill offers a 280 square inches of cooking space and 12,000 BTUs of power, that might sound low, but actually you can cook whatever you want on it.

Why I didn't rate this product higher in my list? Because of its small cooking space and has one burner. But if you want a grill just to cook for your family then it'll suit you. Grill a quick afternoon lunch of burgers and hot dogs or a fish fillet for family dinner.

The Q2200 has a fantastic design that offers both compact overall size and large grilling surface, can double as a stationary grill in your outdoor living space. The grill runs on disposable LP cylinders (not included), but an optional LP adapter hose for 20-lb.

​A seamless stainless steel burner is your assurance of durability and long-lasting performance. The cast-aluminum lid and body are both lightweight and rugged.

The grill's catch pan is removable, so it will easy to clean.

The grill's offers side surfaces that can easily be folded down and also help to do some prepping.

Key features:

  • Cooking area: 280 Square Inches.
  • 12,000 BTU-per-hour input main burner.
  • Removable catch pan.
  • Two folding work tables.
  • Stainless steel burner.
  • Built-in lid thermometer.
  • Cast aluminum lid and body.
  • Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates.
  • Electronic ignition.
  • Infinite control burner valve.
  • Glass-reinforced nylon frame.


  • Portability and durability.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Foldable side shelves.


  • Small cooking space.
  • One burner.

​​​​​​Best Gas Grills Under $500

In our humble opinion, this is THE best gas grill under $500 you can get. Period.

Here's why.

Simply, a straightforward gas grill. More than enough grilling space to cook anything you want. Easy & quick set-up (you can get it up and running in less than 2 hours). Distributes heat evenly with no flare-ups and heats up quickly. 

The Spirit II E-310 from the amazing Weber, is a 3-burner grill, offering 529 square inches of cooking space, which is enough to cook a big meal for family or a few friends. 30,000 BTUs of power.

This Weber grill is super easy to control, The grill's ignition is flawless, guaranteed to ignite every single time.

The grill offers you side tables with integrated hooks so you can keep all of the essential tools, platters, etc close from you while cooking. The side tables are also foldable, just click on the button and flip them down.

There's also an excellent designed open cart to put additional cooking tools. Add to that a simple-to-read fuel gauge to let you know how much fuel is left in the tank.

Weber grills are top-notch. They might be a little expensive, but definitely worth the money. It's also the best gas grill under $500 in our opinion. You'll not be disappointed.

Key features:

  • 30,000 BTU-per-hour input main burners with fuel gauge.
  • 529 square inches of cooking space over three burners.
  • Porcelain-enameled Flavorizer Bars.
  • Grease management system.
  • Porcelain-enameled, cast iron cooking grates.
  • Open cart design with six tool hooks.
  • Two large wheels for mobility.


  • Generous grilling space.
  • Heats up quickly.
  • Quick set-up.


​If you're looking for a large gas grill under $500, then this grill from Char-Broil is definitely worth your attention.

The main attribute of this grill is its generosity cooking space size. You'll never run out of space. Period.

It's a 6-burner gas grill (Five stainless steel top-ported inline burners and one searing burner for direct high-heat cooking) with two side shelves. The main burners offer 60,000 BTUs of power. A primary cooking space of 650 square inches, which is more than enough to grill a big-sized meal (can grill up to 40 burgers).

Also, there's a warming rack area of 280 square inches to keep meat warm until you finish cooking. It measures 31-in wide x 7.4-in deep. The grill heats up quickly and cook at high temperatures with precise control giving you an easy cooking experience.

The grill has a good size of metal side shelves to keep cooking materials like utensils or condiments within reach and to do some prep work.

According to our testers, this grill is easy to assemble. Approximately it takes 1 hour for everything to be up and running for some grilling!

The Char-Broil Performance 650 offers Electronic ignition system for quick and reliable startups with the push of a button.

The grill features Porcelain coated cast iron grates, which are easy to clean and have perfect heat retention. And the stainless steel burners are rust-resistant.

With a 2-door cabinet, the grill offers you plenty of storage space It's also easy to clean, thanks to the removable porcelain-coated grease pan.

TIP: We recommend to clean your grill once a week.

Overall, this is a solid grill and one of the best gas grills under $500 which is why we ranked it #2 on our list.

Key features:

  • 650 square inches of primary cooking area.
  • 280 square inches of warming rack area.
  • 60,000 BTUs on the main burners and 10,000 BTUs on the side burner.
  • Electronic ignition for fast and reliable startups. Electric (AA-battery) ignition.
  • Removable grease pan for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Porcelain-coated cooking grates and 6 stainless steel burners.
  • Big side shelves for prep-work.


  • Generous cooking space.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Heats up quickly and maintains a temperature.
  • Great value for the price.


  • Low-quality wheels

I think you got the trend by now. We always like to add a portable grill on every list for variations. We know that there are people who want full-sized grills, and others want low-sized portable grills. We try our best to make everyone happy.

Let's dive into our review for the Q3200 (previously Q320).

This is one of the best portable gas grills on the market. This is according to our testing and also 189 customer reviews giving it a total rate of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. (you can check the link below)

The grill's cooking space is 393 square inches, which is enough to cook for your family and a few friends. But not useful if you want to host a big barbeque party.

The 2 stainless steel burner grill provides 21,700 BTUs and provides amazing indirect cooking abilities.

The grill heats up quickly and evenly. The temperature can go 600+ degrees in a flash. Which you can check with the outside thermometer on the front of the grill. It also has an easy-start electronic ignition which so you can start the grilling process in a few seconds.

The design of the grill is appealing. A composite frame (plastic), and aluminum body so it won't rust, collect dust, corrode or explode.

Overall, if you're looking for a decent portable grill under $500 with medium-sized cooking space and solid features, go for it.

Key features:

  • 393 square inches of primary cooking space.
  • Two stainless steel burners produce 21,700 BTUs per hour.
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates.
  • Electric (AA-battery) ignition.
  • Two removable side tables.
  • Grill-Out handle light.
  • Infinite control burner valves.
  • Cast aluminum lid and body.
  • Built-in lid thermometer.


  • Portability and durability.
  • Solid heat retention.
  • Enough cooking space.


  • A bit heavy.
  • There are full-sized grills that have more features for the same price.

​​​​​Best Gas Grills Under $1000

If you have a decent budget and want exceptional grilling experience, then without a doubt the Weber Genesis S-310 is the way to go.

The S-310 comes with 3 stainless steel burner which generates up to 37,500 BTUs, a generous grilling space of 513 square inches and a warming area of 156 square inches. So big enough to cook a large meal.

"The grill heats evenly, pre-heats so well and is well-constructed." -According to our testers.

The grill features porcelain-coated reversible cooking grates which allow you to be more creative with your dishes. The thin side of the grates is ideal for "soft" food like fish. While the wider side creates a thick sear mark to boost your food's flavor.

The grill includes side shelves with integrated tool hooks so you can keep platters, seasonings and other cooking materials besides you and also hang all of the grilling tools on the tool hooks.

One of the most important features in the S-310 is Weber's iGrill 3 high-tech grilling thermometer. the iGrill3 Bluetooth thermometer monitors your food from beginning to end, showing the real-time temperature, and fuel tank level, on your mobile device.

The infinity ignition is guaranteed to ignite every time with ease. High-performance burners to ensure excellent heat retention and heat distribution. A flavorizer bars to catch food drippings instead of it hitting the burner creating a fire, they vaporize on the bars which help to transfer up and around your food giving you an extra and delicious flavor.

It has an excellent grease management system that directs the excess grease to a disposable drip tray located within the catch pan under the cook box. This is super helpful and makes the grill easy to clean.

Overall, this is a well-built outdoor grill, made of high-quality materials and made to last for years.

Key features:

  • GS4 High-Performance Grilling System.
  • 513 square inches of cooking space with 156 square inches tuck-away warming rack overhead.
  • Grease management system reduces the risk of dangerous flare-ups and makes grease removal easy.
  • Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates.
  • Infinity ignition ensures that by turning the knob, the gas will ignite and start each burner quickly.
  • Porcelain-enameled lid.
  • Open cart design.
  • Stainless steel side tables.
  • Side mounted gas tank.
  • Built-in lid thermometer.
  • Stainless steel heat deflectors.


  • Decent cooking space.
  • Heat retention.
  • Quality materials and excellent design.


  • No side burner.

Napoleon's products are top-notch. Talking specifically about the T410, it would be an excellent choice to buy for awesome grilling experience and with its superb design and construction, it will be a perfect addition to your outdoor living space.

The Triumph Series 410 Gas Grill features range side burner that provides unforgettable grilling experience, it has a ton of space (550 square inches) allowing you to cook up to 25 burgers.

As most of the gas grills we mentioned here so far, this grill also offers two folding side shelves with utensil holders.

Although this grill might be a little bit heavy (close to 100 pounds), it's easy to move it around thanks to four locking casters. And also easy to tuck it away when not in use.

Overall, given its features and durability, it's a worth-to-buy grill. In our humble opinion, this grill has many features with affordable price. If you find the S-310 a little expensive for you, don't hesitate to get this one instead.

Key features:

  • 550 square inches of  cooking area.
  • 4 Burners, 44,700 BTU's.
  • Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Porcelainized Cast Iron Cooking Grids.
  • Folding side shelves with integrated utensil holders.
  • ACCU-PROBE Temperature Gauge.
  • JETFIRE Ignition System.
  • Black Porcelain Lid.
  • Integrated Bottle Opener.


  • Large cooking space of 550 square inches.
  • Excellent heat distribution.
  • Range side burner.


  • A little heavy.

If you don't have a large yard and want a simple yet efficient grill, then this is your choice.

The Weber S210 is a 2-burner grill with folding side shelves. So it won't take much space wherever you place it and still give you exceptional grilling experience.

The two burners are made of stainless steel and generate 26,500 BTUs of heat beneath 360 square inches of porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates.

What makes this grill different than most of Weber grills, is that the Control knobs rotate a full 270 degrees rather than the typical 90 degrees so it gives you full heat control.

It's also equipped with fat drip system so that the fat that is released while grilling, ends up in the grease tray which you can remove and clean it easily without much effort.

Key features:

  • Two stainless steel burners produce 26,500 BTU-per-hour.
  • 360 square inches of cooking area.
  • 90 square inches of warming area.
  • Folding side tables.
  • Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates.
  • porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars.
  • An electronic Crossover ignition system for a quick start.
  • Stainless steel lid.


  • Well-built.
  • Heavy-duty grill.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Very simple grill, meaning doesn't come with many extras.